Copplestone Methodist Church

At the heart of our community

About Us

Copplestone Methodist Church is in the centre of the mid‒Devon village of Copplestone and at the heart of the community. We welcome families, youth and adults of all ages. We want you to feel at home here.

Church doesn’t have to be boring. The message about Jesus is good news and as relevant today as it’s ever been. We want people to discover just how amazing Jesus is and what a difference he makes to life.

Our services are relaxed and informal, the music is up-to-date, the teaching is relevant to our everyday lives and Jesus is always the focus! So why not come along?

Service Times

We have two Sunday services every week. Our main service is on Sunday morning at 10:45am, with Coffee served from 10:15am. Children and young people join the adults for the first part of the service and then have their own Youth Church activities: Kidzone for the 4 ‒ 10s and then for those aged 11 ‒ 16 we have The Grid. There’s also a crèche for 3 year olds and under.

On Sunday evenings at 6:15pm we hold a second service which is mainly a more traditional style service, but we also hold film evenings, youth services, one off events and much more during this time, to where all ages are welcomed.


Lifespring is a gathering of women of all ages and backgrounds. Lifespring 2020 officially kicks off next Monday 2nd March and we would love to see you all there.

2020 is the year of My Story, where the incredible ladies in our world share their stories and what God has done in their lives.

Next Monday, Julie Down and Annette Oliver are coming to share their story which we are super excited about.

For more information of Lifespring, please see here or use our contact page.

Follow The Star

At Christmas, a few of our members recorded messages explaining how they started coming to church - see them here.

More information

What to wear?

Whatever you like! Just be yourself, people at Copplestone have a whole variety of style, from jeans and T-shirt to Sunday best. We think it's more important for you to feel comfortable than to adhere to a dress code.

What about my Additional Needs?

We aim to be as inclusive as possible. If you have any questions about anything not mentioned here, don’t hesitate to contact us

Parking: We have a number of parking spaces to the rear of the church.

Wheelchair access: All areas of our church are wheelchair accessible.

Toilets: Our accessible toilet is located to the rear of the church.

Loop system: We strive to have all our services broadcasted on our infra-red loop system.

Song words: All song words are projected in large print on the front wall.

Our Vision as a church...

Upcoming Events